“Elizabeth Rogers knocks me out. She writes like a poet, plays a mean guitar, and sings like a bird. Her songs are full of a deep-rooted grace and power that’ll sneak up on you and shake you at your core. If this woman doesn’t move you, Jack, check your pulse!”

- Eric Kilburn, Grammy-nominated producer, owner Wellspring Sound (Acton, Massachusetts)

“Ms. Rogers has a hauntingly beautiful voice, particularly effective in conveying the old English feel of many of the tunes presented.” – Falmouth Enterprise (Newspaper review 12/24/2010), Falmouth MA

“[Elizabeth's album One Fine Day] is terrific – boy has she got a good voice! Fine productions, performances, everything. I’m really impressed!” – Mike Scott, The Waterboys

“Fantastic…every note is crafted beautifully and placed immaculately. Her voice soars effortlessly through the octaves; the emotional, intellectual and spiritual content of her songs is powerful and delivered with strength and beauty.”

- Kate O’Connell, Singer, Songleader, Artistic Director of Sonas (women’s a cappella) and much-loved UK voice camp teacher