Upcoming shows
Liz is on the road at the moment and doesn't have any currently scheduled gigs. Check back soon!
Past show archive
Lubec, MECrow Town Gallery08/03/13 8:00pmMap
Findhorn, Scotland, UKFindhorn Community Universal Hall05/18/13 8:00pmMap
Concord, MAHome of Anna Huckabee Tull05/11/13 7:00pmMap
West Falmouth, MAWest Falmouth Library05/06/13 7:00pmMap
West Falmouth, MAWest Falmouth Library05/04/13 4:00pmMap
Burlington, VTHouse Concert at Jasmine Walker's01/01/13 2:00pmMap
West Falmouth, MAWest Falmouth Library12/16/12 4:00pmMap
Falmouth, MAJohn Wesley United Methodist Church12/15/12 4:00pmMap
Bellows Falls, VTStone Church Arts11/24/12 7:30pmMap
Plainfield, VTGoddard College10/27/12 3:00pmMap
Portland, MELocal Sprouts Cafe09/08/12 7:00pmMap
Lubec, MaineLubec Farmer's Market09/01/12 10:00amMap
Lubec, MaineHome of Fred Pierce08/30/12 7:00pmMap
Portland, ORArtichoke Music02/03/12 7:30pmMap
Williamstown, MABillstock Music Festival02/26/11 4:00pmMap
Morristown, NJThe Minstrel01/21/11 8:00pmMap
Falmouth, MAHighfield Hall12/19/10 3:00pmSold outMap
7:00pmSold out
Mashpee, MAMashpee Congregational Church12/18/10 2:00pmMap
New York, NYRecoup Lounge10/15/10 8:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYDumbo Arts Festival09/25/10 6:00pmMap
Shutesbury, MASirius Community06/12/10 8:00pmMap
Concord, MAMain Streets Market & Cafe06/11/10 8:30pmMap
Portland, MEDogfish Bar and Grille06/02/10 7:15pmMap
Charlotte, VTTen Stones Circle05/28/10 7:30pmMap
Burlington, VTParima Thai - Acoustic Lounge05/27/10 8:00pmMap
Findhorn, Scotland, UKFindhorn Community Universal Hall04/16/10 7:30pmMap
Findhorn, Scotland, UKFindhorn Community Universal Hall04/02/10 8:00pmMap
Tokyo, JapanCafe Ohana11/04/09 8:00pmMap
Nagoya, JapanJohmon-Usagi10/28/09 8:00pmMap
Nagoya, JapanSarnath Coffee Shop10/26/09 7:00pmMap
Kita-Ku, Nagoya, JapanAmagasaka Coffee Shop10/25/09 3:00pmMap
Anjo, JapanStone Free Club10/24/09 8:00pmMap
Nagoya, JapanSlow Blues Bar10/21/09 8:00pmMap
Washington D.C.Wonderland Ballroom10/11/09 8:00pmMap
New River, AZHouse Concert at Kevin Lay's09/26/09 6:30pmMap
San Francisco, CAThe Plough and Stars09/23/09 9:00pmMap
Berkeley, CAChester's Bayview Cafe09/17/09 7:00pmMap
Klamath Falls, ORThe Creamery Brew Pub & Grill09/05/09 6:00pmMap
Corvallis, OR2nd Street Beanery09/01/09 8:00pmMap
Eugene, ORCozmic Pizza08/30/09 7:00pmMap
Port Townsend, WASondra & Andrew's House08/15/09 7:30pmMap
Port Townsend, WAThe Upstage Restaurant08/12/09 7:30pmMap
Walla Walla, WAWalla Walla Village Winery07/30/09 7:00pmMap
Denver, COStella's Coffehaus07/24/09 8:00pmMap
North Boulder, COHome of Robin Richardson07/18/09 7:30pmMap
Louisville, COSuper Joe's Coffee07/10/09 7:00pmMap
Findhorn, Scotland, UKFindhorn Community Universal Hall05/29/09 8:00pmMap
Charlotte, VTTen Stones Circle7:30pmMap
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